Experienced CNC Machinist

The Nucleus development team is a tight-knit and highly integrated group of engineers, physicists and chemists who work together across a range of disciplines.  We are currently in the R&D phase, continuously designing challenging structures and parts for fabrication and seeking an experienced CNC machinist to augment our existing prototyping team.  A majority of parts are short-run and prototype parts that often require creativity to manufacture quickly.  The company has a brand new 5000 sq. ft. machine shop and prototyping space which includes new CNC Haas 3-axis VMC’s and 2-axis lathes, as well as rapid prototyping equipment.  All machines are less than two years old, with two additional machines to be delivered in late November 2016.  



  • Extensive CNC machining experience on Haas machines, with emphasis on low-volume prototyping and with high-tech, motorsport, or aerospace industry experience a plus.  

  • Skilled with CAD and CAM software and adaptable to new software and machine advances. MasterCAM Mill and Lathe experience required, Solidworks experience a plus.  

  • Experience with advanced 3D and high-speed machining required.  

  • Ability to work fluently with metric units.

  • Experience machining a variety of alloys in both steel and aluminum is mandatory; experience with advanced materials such as Titanium is a plus.

  • Welding and sheet metal forming and fabrication a plus, but not required.

  • Knowledge of other manufacturing techniques (stamping, forging, rolling, 3D printing) a plus.



  • Take on projects at the direction of the shop manager, work autonomously and as an integral part of the engineering process to machine and fabricate parts and assemblies according to development timelines and constraints.

  • Accurately predict and report machining time for each job and provide feedback to the engineering team on possible design improvements.  

  • Be creative in solving unique manufacturing challenges of prototype and novel parts and assemblies including custom tooling and workholding.  

  • Be able to work simultaneously on more than one machine or project as required.  

  • Maintain documentation related to the production of parts and assemblies.

  • Maintain a clean, organized and safe working environment and assist in tracking machine and shop maintenance requirements.


The position is based in Cambridge, MA. Please apply with resume and cover letter below.