Establishing A New Charge Speed Limit

This measured lab data illustrates the upper-limit speed of our Intelligent Energy System, fully charging (1-99%) a 14 Ah cell in 100 seconds. For perspective, this 14 Ah cell contains enough energy to charge 9 smartphones or 1.5 tablets. By doubling the charge time to 200 seconds, we were able to double the normal battery lifetime.


Revolutionary Electric Scooter Charger

We have also developed a complete solution for electric scooter batteries. Our Intelligent Energy System reduces the required charge time for a traditional daily commute of 12 km from 280 minutes to 10 minutes. The long life and high reliability of this unit allows for a lower lifetime cost and weight than existing lead acid battery systems. This Intelligent Energy System is capable of fast charging directly from a normal wall outlet, and is compatible with over 90% of commercially-available electric scooters.


Groundbreaking Smartphone Battery Charging

Our advanced charging technology applies to cells ranging from smartphones to electric vehicles. In this demonstration, we fully charge a smartphone-appropriate battery in only 5 minutes, while extending the cycle lifetime by over 460%.