Nonlinear Control Systems Engineer

Nucleus Scientific is seeking a highly skilled, experienced and motivated engineer to develop nonlinear control over mechatronic and transportation-related mobility systems.  The engineer will help drive the company’s effort to design, develop, validate, and deploy control algorithms in new and innovative technology platforms.  The work will require strong theoretical knowledge, hands-on implementation capability, and excellent communication skills.



  • Design of linear and nonlinear control systems under single- and multi-axis feed-forward/back

  • Signal conditioning and filtering, sensor fusion, and state estimation

  • Quantification and management of uncertainty in measurements and estimated state

  • Validation of control algorithms in desktop and hardware-in-loop simulations

  • Work with development team to transfer control algorithms to embedded environments

  • Operate in a fast paced, ever changing work environment


Basic Skills

  • Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, aeronautical/astronautical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, or a similar engineering curriculum

  • 5+ years experience in nonlinear control systems engineering

  • Strong working knowledge of servo control and electromechanical feedback control systems

  • Linear and nonlinear state estimation in the form of state space models

  • Nonlinear control systems design and stability analysis, including knowledge of Lyapunov Stability theory, sliding mode control, contraction analysis and synchronization

  • Expertise in linear, time-varying and nonlinear system theory, including continuous time and discrete time system representation, Z-domain and s-domain and time domain representations, nonparametric system representations

  • Working knowledge of sensor fusion, Kalman filters, extended Kalman filters and robust extended Kalman filters

  • Adaptive control, time varying systems control, and switching between control modes such as force control, trajectory control, and stiffness control

  • Well versed in control system design, simulation and analysis tools including Matlab/Simulink

  • Knowledge of Lagrangian Mechanics and Hamiltonian Mechanics and Bond Graphs

  • Kinematics analysis, inverse kinematics analysis and translation to code.

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills, including concise reports and presentations

  • Ability to multitask while remaining efficient and accurate

Preferred Skills

  • Strong background in probability theory, linear and nonlinear stochastic control systems

  • Experience working with gyro-stabilized systems and inertial measurement units

  • Design of fault-tolerant control algorithms particularly design of control and platform with dropped signals

  • Knowledge of observability and controllability theory, model reduction, Akaike Information Criterion and invariant subspace

  • Stochastic systems theory, robust control, and optimal control including MPC

  • Embedded experience in automotive, aerospace, and/or robotic application areas

  • Knowledge of inverse kinematics and trajectory control as applied to mechanical systems.

  • Experience in C, C++, VHDL, and/or Verilog is useful but not mandatory.


The position is based in Cambridge, MA. Please apply with resume and cover letter below.