Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Nucleus Scientific is seeking a skilled, experienced, and motivated engineer to assist in the design and development of innovative mobility systems, specifically in the area of automotive vehicle dynamics.  The engineer will engage teams working on mechanical design and control systems engineering by developing, validating, and analyzing symbolic and numerical models of vehicle dynamics.



  • Develop, implement, and validate symbolic and numerical models of full-vehicle mobility systems including kinematics, dynamics, mechatronics, energy storage, and other subsystems

  • Perform stability and controllability analyses to inform mechanical engineering and control architecture design

  • Assist implementation and transfer of models to vehicle control systems

  • Develop, run and evaluate full-vehicle simulations using industry-standard software tools such as CarSim

  • Assist in planning, execution and analysis of physical tests to verify accuracy of model predictions

  • Perform sensitivity analyses, quantify uncertainty, identify model limitations and errors

  • Operate in a fast paced, ever changing work environment with little supervision


Basic Skills

  • B.S. in mechanical, aeronautical, automotive, or materials engineering

  • 5+ years experience in automotive vehicle dynamics simulation and engineering

  • Strong knowledge of mechanical engineering including structural mechanics and multibody dynamics

  • Strong knowledge of control theory, system stability analysis and controllability analysis

  • Well versed in analytical software including Matlab/Simulink, Mathematica/SystemModeler and/or Python

  • Adept at CAD software such as SolidWorks and able to incorporate models into vehicle dynamics simulations

  • Experience working with multibody dynamics software such as Comsol, ADAMS, or equivalent

  • Experience using industry standard automotive simulation tools such as CarSim

  • Ability to multitask while remaining efficient and accurate

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills


Preferred Skills

  • M.S. or higher in mechanical, aeronautical, automotive, or materials engineering

  • Direct experience conducting automotive tests on road and/or track for vehicle dynamics analysis

  • Knowledge of nonlinear control theory, stochastic system theory, robust control and optimal control

  • Knowledge of state estimation techniques such as Kalman Filters

  • Knowledge of Lagrangian Mechanics and Hamiltonian Mechanics and Bond Graphs

  • Hands-on experience implementing and/or analyzing control systems in mechatronics applications


The position is based in Cambridge, MA. Please apply with resume and cover letter below.